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I’m tried to open sic app for music player of the webOS national sight where I go to download apps from but, can not get the first app to. ” cannot open mime type” comes up everything I try to install. While you will easily find Amazon’s eBook reading app on the HP TouchPad in TouchPad doesn’t have a working Kindle app, you can now find it via the HP.

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Or maybe you know of another way to install the Kindle app on the Touchpad?

Unanswered HP Tablet and eReader Questions & Open Problems – Fixya

Posted on Nov 13, Gype the first to answer. Those of you who have tried and installed Kindle on your TouchPad, how often do you find that you use the app?

Suddenly, the screen goes blank and I see the glowing HP logo.

I have preware but cannot download and Install ilk files on my touchpad. Can this be filed as a bug? It seems that the browser on the TouchPad is the fastest and most responsive app in the whole device. The best way that I have found to install apps on the Touchpad is after you have Quickinstall up and running, hit the globe youchpad you see in the picture above.


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Message 69 of This is apparently where you can download movies and TV shows right to your TouchPad. Okay, back to the App Catalog. A notification appears informing me that Paper Mache, the Instapaper app, is syncing. This is a classy app that serves Instapaper well. Your email address will not be published.

Diary of a TouchPad Owner

The installation method was quite useful for Non US folks. Everything is slightly annoying, just a little bit slow.

There are a few websites open that I want bookmarked so I email them to myself. The first 4 weekly issues are free. Loading more items pops you back to the top of the list, and marking all the currently viewed items as read does just that but without a refresh of new unread items.

This sort of negates the usefulness of the article. This topic has been archived. I go out to the card view and begin closing some apps. Attempting to get music onto the device.

The second-half of this review may come across as more caffeinated than I originally anticipated. Cannot open MIME type files. Tapping on the link normally would have opened a new browser window.

It does that by using MIME handlers. They have no problem whatsoever with me returning it. Ah, I read here in this paragraph of text that the magazine is called Pivot. I guess I have to search for it on my own… Hmm. Skip to content Thursday, June 30, Sep 15, at 4: Message 68 of Any idea where to get open office and skype from?


In iOS things come to a halt when a notification appears. Can’t find them in the app store. I will stay connected. Okay, can I try that real quick? I go check out and return home. What youchpad I do? MOV file splendidly, and plays it in full-screen with no trouble whatsoever. Can I be of any further help? Next to the TouchPad was a plastic, fake display version of the Veer.

Thanks Russinating picked up a sleeve from poundland and fits perfectly! Does anyone have a workaround for this issue? Posted on Sep 23, Be the first to answer. Jun 17, Posts: All typos in the transcript are [sic].

Diary of a TouchPad Owner – Shawn Blanc

Finally published my review. You too can become an HP Expert! Amazon KindleWeb OS.