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[Signature] Reviewed by Robin Wolaner Fiorina may have had tough choices, but readers have an easy one: start at. A new autobiography chronicles former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina’s rise and fall as America’s most powerful female executive. Fiorina. The New York Times bestseller by the most talked about woman in American business. For five and a half years, Carly Fiorina led Hewlett-Packard through.

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Tough Choices

Alignment results from shared goals. Marriage no longer worked after she became husband’s peer. What a brave, courageous, strong woman.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Cnoices of the remainder sticks with her education and business experience, and engages the reader on a personal level while revealing the professional Carly. Ten Letters about Pres. She also details her family life, her numerous trips abroad the meeting in Japan with the assigned geisha brought a smile to my faceto the various firings she had to commit to in order to see the industry through.

I represented change in a very personal manifestation, and there were tough, tough things that had to be done to undertake that transformation. I’ll reread this book. Sep 27, Riley rated it liked it. Any organization is stronger when people are aligned to act together, instead of working at cross-purposes.

If carlj are working, people don’t need a leader’s help. In an interview with the Wharton School that asks some good questions, Fiorina defines the qualities of a leader:.


However, the second half of choies book felt like “Carly’s Defense”. In a complex organization, change takes time p. During the five and half years she ran HP, the stock declined 50 percent. I looked for that here, having engaged a colleague who railed at the idea of this woman being vhoices potential presidential candidate.

They were not indicative of the companies that she worked for, just certain people who unfortunately did not know any better.

These are qualities everyone should aspire to matter what they do in their lifetime. While I grieved for the people and the purpose I farly lost, I did not grieve for the loss of my soul. Big Ideas and Caely Details. In that entire time, only one was unsigned. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. I knew every word Lew and I said on that Monday would be scrutinized by employees.

Tough Choices: A Memoir – Carly Fiorina – Google Books

I was surprised at how ‘normal’ she comes across – she wrote this in a style that makes her seem approachable. For five and a half years, Carly Fiorina led Hewlett-Packard through major internal changes, the worst technology slump in decades, and the most controversial merger in high-tech history. Click for quotations from other sources by: She’s honest, charming, and funny. She is a dynamo and this is not only an addictively compelling story but supremely well-written and carefully crafted.

Unintimidatedby Scott Walker Oct 27, Mai Pham rated it really liked it.


A Memoirwhich I read in December The book is sobering and uplifting at the same time. To a certain extent, I believe her; she was a controversal CEO, and in reading some of the reviews, there do seem to be some people who have an axe Having worked at a Cambridge based business school for a little over seven years as an administrative assistant, the story of Carly Fiorina really caught my interest, because I was curious about the gender dynamics and or biases in the business world, if indeed there really were and are any.

Lots of detail about leadership strategy and politics at Lucent and HP, which I loved reading! Fiorina, and once in a while foray from my typical reading material into memoirs or biographies.

‘Tough Choices,’ the Rise and Fall of Carly Fiorina : NPR

Florina to build supercomputer for federal renewable energy research The supercomputer, dubbed “Eagle,” was designed for the US government’s only lab dedicated completely to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Some of that comes with the territory. Discover what to read next. I asked Professor Sonnenfeld to provide more color of his tough characterization of Fiorina’s tenure.