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o Removes the permissive parachuting policy which is now in AR –1 *This publication supersedes AR , dated 26 February AR –6 Permanent Change of Station Policy Change 1. This change-o Clarifies the applicability of the regulation to Army National Guard personnel in an. This regulation supersedes AR –10, 19 May .. Support priorities of AR 11–31, the Army Security Cooperation Strategy, DOD.

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A deletion should be submitted on Soldiers who do not elect to acquire additional service.

Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Reassignment file will be transferred to inactive file status when officer departs on PCS or AI are rescinded or revoked. An enlisted Soldier on second or subsequent enlistment or an officer who has completed obligated commitments. Unit will inform BN S1.

Kerobokan Bali Villas AR 614 (6)

Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions Flags. Soldier may not be given a certificate of nonavailability of Government quarters at the TDY station if adequate Government housing is available. Submit comments to Commander, U.

My af is currently assigned to a duty station that does not have a WTU, but his doctors here are recommending that he be sent to one.

AR Reassignment

All state regulators wanted for Christmas were some straight answers on the new dicamba labels. Deputy Chief of Staff.

Persons who have served on active duty under the Reserve Enlisted Program of RFA—55 and the Reserve Enlistment Program of REP—63or who have less than days of prior active Federal Service are considered as initial term Soldiers; however, Soldiers with prior active Federal military service days or longer as a member of one of the Armed Forces other than the Army are not considered initial term Soldiers.

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Soldiers serving overseas who receive AI requiring security investigation, clearance, or access 6146- their new assignment, will depart for assignment after PSI is initiated, records posted, and a copy of the PSI request is filed in MPF.

Question about being assigned to a WTU | Physical Evaluation Board Forum

Quote of the Day. We go in on Monday again, and hopefully we can get it all straigtened out. An abbreviated term used to describe the initiation or removal of a suspension of favorable 6146 actions. The garrison or division commander will direct the utmost support and cooperation of all activities involved in the reassignment process.

Brothers and sisters include half brothers, half sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, and brothers and sisters by adoption.

This edition publishes a rapid action revision for AR —8— AI for Soldiers going to initial entry training are made ag issued under AR — Passport and visa applications will be submitted according to DOD Functional proponent A person, usually in a field operating agency, responsible for actually writing a functional regulation. Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary.


Travel Overseas Cited in paras 4—1, 4—3 a4—4 b4—7, 5—3. The authority responsible for replacement management at the HQDA level. Officers alerted or on at for reassignment may be granted deletion from orders by the BCT S1 or MPD commander under the following criteria: Operational deletions and deferments a.

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Exceptional Family Member Program. Deferment should be used instead of deletion if the extreme 64-6 problems can be resolved within 90 days of. AR —30 prescribes policies pertinent to change of tours. 164-6 for more than one privately owned vehicle travel authorization The use of more than one POV within the same household in connection with a PCS may be authorized or approved as advantageous to the Government if it meets the criteria outlined in the JFTR, chapter 5, part E.

Soldiers who must acquire additional time in service in order to comply with AI, must either extend or reenlist or. Forums New posts Search forums. AR 55—46 establishes policies and prescribes procedures for moving Soldiers and their Aar members.

Proponent and exception authority.

Spouse, father, mother, sons, daughters, and all brothers and sisters. AR —30 Overseas Service Cited in paras 1—5, 2—12 a2—12 c2—14 f4—3 a.

If request is based upon medical problems of a Family member, a signed statement from attending physician giving specific medical diagnosis and prognosis of illness 164-6 be included as follows: