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ABDULLAH TUKAY’IN ŞİİRLERİNDE JAPONYA (Japan in the Poems of Abdullah Tukay). Ali Merthan Dundar. Uploaded by. Ali Merthan Dundar. Download with. Abdullah Tukay’ın şiirleri: Inceleme, metin, aktarma (Seri IV) (Turkish Edition) [ Gabdulla Tukaĭ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abdullah Tukay is one of the most famous poets of modern Tatar literature. In the Soviet Union anyone with any interest in Tatar literature knows or must have.

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The poet names it the city of the science and art. The flows of blue, green and golden glaze make the sculpture colourful and festive. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Some of his respectable poems were even published in the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War abdulllah During the Soviet rule his most cited were his social poems, abdullan now the most popular are poems about Tatarstan nature, Tatar national culture, music, history and, of course, the Tatar language.

In terms of style, the filigree carving with masterly cut plots and images of characters have something in common with aquarelle works. Nobody knew what will be in the future; neither the orphan, nor very pleasant coachman Alty-bish Sapyi who took him away… Uralsk with its craftsmen and traders, churches and mosques, schools and madrassahs was ahead.

Gabdulla lived there for two years, but became unnecessary again. The avant-garde style can be traced in works by Pleshchinsky. The poet continues living with his people and with the people of all multinational Russia.


Gabdulla Tukay | Ещё один сайт на WordPress

There he was discarded due his poor health and walleye and freed up of serving in the Russian Imperial Army. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Quite the contrary, Tukay was a religious person who believed in God and in the teachings of Islam. For the development of the Tatar poetry and the culture abdulah made as much, as Pushkin for the Russian poetry and culture. The laconism of his poetry contains wisdom, lambent wit, and indomitable imagination.

Nobody wanted to have the orphan, so he was passed from one family to another. In total, he composed more than fifty verses and seven poems for children.

Has our nation dead, or just sleeps? He called them bourgeoisie’s stooges, in response their stigmatized Tuqay Russophile.

The Magic of Tukay’s Poetry

Tukay worked hard there. He tried to get rid of frothy speakers and slanderers. Tukay was a patriot of his nation. By the name of Tukay in the republic are named philarmony, and the premium which is got by the best tukqy works and works of art, a very nice street in Kazan is named after him.

Every line is playing and is full of life. Later, David sold it to the authorities. The environs of Kyrlay with their wild woods, ponds, springs, songs, playings, traditions and lifestyle gave him as much spiritual nourishment as it was enough for all his future work.

Ğabdulla Tuqay

For Tesir InfluenceVol. Hence, Tukay’s sentiments on the subject remain – by force – inaccessible abrullah those in the Soviet Union. Urmanche fulfilled it with ink on paper in another work. But it was only a beginning of campaign drive against Tatar democracy, which became Tuqay’s tragedy again.


Her art takes its roots in the Tatar embroidery and art of calligraphy. The Year of Literature.

The Magic of Tukay’s Poetry | Gabdulla Tukay

However, the people had popular books of K. Yakhin, and some classical reading books. All this combines with irreality of what is happening: In reality, he was criticising the kind of priesthood, which interpreted Islam in such a way as to accumulate a personal benefit of power.

The space of the work comprises the bent vague and semi-transparent female figures, spiritual and tender. How much poetry it has!

The Russian and foreign press became interested in the personality and creative work of Gabdulla Tukay very much. There is the most beautiful museum of the poet in Kazan. The revolution actions happened either in summer or in autumn of He planned a trip to the southern regions to receive kumiss therapy there.

The First State Duma was dismissed, the revolution came to naught.

Zyablintsev in majolica has become classics in revealing the theme of Shurale. In the madrassah Tuqay proved himself a diligent student, completing in ten years a program intended for fifteen. Thus, Tuqay adopted Oriental poetic tradition.