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Download Citation on ResearchGate | Managing Middlescence | They make up more than half your workforce. They work longer hours than. Welcome to middlescence. Like adolescence, it can be a time of frustration, confusion, and alienation. But it can also be a time of self-discovery. Citation: () “Managing middlescence”, Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 14 Issue: 5, ead.

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Managing Middlescence.

Your organisation may have a job-posting system but still fill most openings through under-the-table recruiting that bypasses official channels. His children were grown, and he was excited about getting away from restructurings and downsizings to work in a growing business.

And they fail to require managers to set career development plans for all their employees. Millions of midcareer men and women would like nothing better than to convert their restlessness into fresh energy. I didn’t feel as motivated, I missed working directly with customers, and I felt I was just getting the job done.

The results for Jim and the company were beyond excellent. How can I make the next phase of my life as meaningful as possible?

As sales director for the West Coast, he went up against his former employer. One manager in the media industry said her company had made an apparently generous offer of an eight-week paid sabbatical every few years. Yet only 43 per cent are passionate about their jobs, just 33 per cent feel energised by their work, 36 per cent say they feel that they are in dead-end jobs, and more than 40 per cent report feelings of burnout.

But 85 per cent believe career changes are very difficult these days. The best way to engage middlescents is to tap into their hunger for renewal and help them launch into more meaningful roles. If you find yourself just going through the motions, do something different perhaps very different.

Putting experienc-ed employees into mentoring, teaching, and other knowledge-sharing roles has the dual benefit of re-engaging the mid-career worker and boosting the expertise and organisational know-how of less-experienced employees. Meanwhile, too many organisations foster a silent conspiracy against education: As many of our examples show, the most successful careers are the ones that stay in motion.

In the spring ofthe HR director for the company’s fast-growing China operation quit, and Jeff volunteered for the job. Today, millions of mid-career men and women are wrestling with middlescence looking for ways to balance job responsibilities, family, and leisure while hoping to find new meaning in their work.

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Increased longevity, delayed and multiple marriages, and large numbers of two-career households have altered family patterns such that middlescents are often sandwiched at home between raising children and caring for aging parents precisely at the time when their job responsibilities are peaking. According to a Conference Board survey, the largest decline in job satisfaction over the past 10 years occurred among workers between the ages of 35 and 44, and the second largest decline was among those aged 45 to In fact, they’re burned out, bored, and bottlenecked, new research reveals.

They’d be willing to trade some of their current success for greater significance in their lives and work, even if that means doing something altogether different. They work longer hours than anyone else in your company. Solutions aren’t known, and they have to be invented every day. If your organisation wants to control its fate and costs when the boomer retirement wave and associated brain drain hit with full force, start today to systematically retain and recruit people with the skills and capabilities you will want to keep on hand for the long run.

The program began in a chip-making factory in New Mexico inwhen Intel was growing, and many of the factory’s managers and technical experts were being transferred to new locations. But he’s having fun. Mid-career employees are the least likely to say their workplace is congenial and fun or that it offers ample opportunity to try new things. And the UK’s National Health Service is responding to chronic nursing shortages by training aides to become nurses – a shift to a very different career path.

One in five is looking for another.

Mentor relationships are often stereotyped as one-way transfers from old to young for the purposes of youthful personal development and career advancement.

In the years ahead, both tangible talent shortages and growing disengagement from work will present unprecedented challenges to business productivity and growth.

New experts needed to be developed in a variety of fields. You want to go beyond the stars who are probably getting special attention already to find the other valuable contributors, the B players, people who will probably never make it to the executive suite but whose skills and experience you need to retain.


First, you need to remove the barriers to occupational mobility.

Before joining Prudential Financial’s Prudential Relocation business, Jim Russo spent 13 years with a major competitor in a customer relations role that kept him on the road.

He acknowledges that he had to check his ego, but he was ready for a change, and he knew that he could apply manabing he’d learned 20 years earlier in Mexico.

You’d have to be dead not to have fun in this job. We all have strengths; find yours and play to them.

This perception is unfortunate because people tend to return from sabbaticals more committed than ever. Generationally, most of today’s and all of the older mid-career employees are baby boomers, their janaging forged in the midst of the Vietnam War, Watergate, and the civil rights and women’s rights movements. Like adolescence, middlescence can be a time of frustration, confusion, and alienation but also a time of self-discovery, new direction, and fresh beginnings.

Other research has yielded similar findings: That’s how mentoring works at Intel, where the partner may outrank the mentor. They just need the occasion-and perhaps a little assistance-to unleash and channel all that potential. Only one in three agrees that top management displays integrity or commitment to employee development, and one in four often disagrees with the organisation’s policies on important employee matters.

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Managing Middlescence. – Semantic Scholar

A fifth are seeking opportunities in other organisations, and a similar percentage are looking for a major career change. In fact, they should be viewed as a two-way pairing of knowledge to gain with knowledge to share. One in three is not satisfied with his or her job. The situation is sadly ironic mid-career managers are frustrated by the lack of managinng opportunities, and corporate executives are concerned with a lack of candidates with the right experience. Your company may be tacitly unwilling, or even unconsciously disinclined, to invest middlescrnce extensive training for employees over a certain age.