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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Mauprat, by George Sand This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 77 by George Sand. Mauprat by George Sand. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Having never read George Sand before, I had no idea what her Once she is free of Roche-Mauprat, she insists that she cannot possibly.

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The hidalgo said nothing; he raised his hat as usual; then sitting down he turned pale and shut his eyes. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

Mauprat, by George Sand

With her love, compassion, and understanding, she manages to transform him into a loving and caring individual and as a bonus he turns into a beautiful husband. The fact that there are men who could become enamoured of this slut is indeed a proof of the abasement of the men of this generation.

Many educators rave about the prowess I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. Uneducated but passionate, Bernard falls madly in love with Edmee and makes no bones about it. It kicked at every cut of the whip, and its master gave it plenty. Liked it, but it was heck of frustrating.

It is far too naive and simplistic, yet it Mauprat: I quite enjoyed the first 7 or so chapters of the book. The best love story ever.

Jan 14, Sugar rated it really liked it Shelves: There will be ten cottages in the place of this park, and ten families will live on its revenue. It is extremely readable and charming. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

Open Preview See a Problem? Everything goes; the principal takes all their capital, just as the interest has taken all their income. More than one vile scapegrace had been forced to reform, in spite of his privileges; and in certain places where the peasants, driven to desperation, had rid themselves of their overlord, the law had not dreamt of interfering, nor had the relatives dared to demand redress. In return they promised help and protection to all; and up to a certain point they kept their word.


Cancel reply Enter your comment here Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. George Sand real name: Wasn’t sure about this one at first. Though I had not cared to live among other men, I still had an affection for them; I knew that they were unfortunate rather than vicious; I had spent all my time in lamenting their woes and railing against those that caused them; and when for the first time I saw a possibility of doing something for some of them, these very men shut their doors the very moment they caught sight of me in the distance, and their children those pretty children that I geprge so much!

Jun 22, Helynne rated it it was amazing. In addition, part of the novel takes place during the American Revolutionary War. The broad gist of the story is as follows. Sahd de tener un consejero franco, un amigo severo geeorge no querais al que os adula, si no al que os corrige.

Sand herself had a fascinating private life which would encourage the supposition that she supported the feminist movements of the day: We get the younger Bernard in all his unadulterated charm: But for the most part it feels like a “standard” first-person point of view – there isn’t much intrusion or commentary from the retrospective viewpoint.

A vague, indefinable fear arose in me; I imagined all manner of things that might hinder my happiness. While those questions were somewhat answered by the end of the novel, it felt like a tidy little wrap-up you might find in a play.

Mauprat (Heinemann)

Now let me depart sahd peace; for mine eyes have seen him I yearned for. Can the rough young Bernard Mauprat be educated into being virtuous? Published June 1st by Echo Library first published Sand’s reputation came into question when she began sporting men’s clothing Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, later Baroness French: To ask other readers questions about Maupratplease sign up. Perhaps more than in any other of her works, Sand created a wide potpourri of some negative, but mostly positive male charact Mauprat takes its title from the surname of an extensive family that lives in the French countryside.


Maupgat will soon pass off. When we arrived near Varenne we alighted from the post-chaise and, ordering the driver to proceed by the longest road to Saint—Severe, took a short cut through the woods. A peasant rarely takes snuff; many beggars cannot do without it; they ask for it more eagerly than for bread.

Mauprat by George Sand – She Reads Novels

The moon, I remember, was shining here and there through sabd dense foliage of the forest. And how much of what he is comes from his ancestry and how much from his upbringing? Edmee was sane veritable mother to me.

The reason I say not in whole is because Sand, hallelujah, threw out the bathwater of Rousseau’s opinions on female education. We hastened our steps till we reached the hut. They ruled that one man should contribute capons, another calves, a third corn, a fourth fodder, and so on.

Thanks for telling us about georhe problem. My grandfather talked of nothing but his pedigree and the prowess of his ancestors. There are also other storylines, but I’d term them all secondary: Thus mauptat the age of seven I found myself an orphan. Ever since the people realized that I was a little Turgot they have grovelled before me, and that has pained me not a little.

Deeply engaged with Rousseau’s pedagogical treatise ‘Emile, and with contemporary debate concerning inherited and acquired traits and tendencies, Mauprat is an expression of Sand’s Utopian vision of a relationship governed by free choice and equality.