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Here are the best sites I’ve found which have anything to do with the Genevan Psalter. Of course, most of these would be found by any reliable search engine. Genevan Psalter – Psalms / Psalmen. Ernst Stolz Music; videos; , views; Last updated on May 14, Complete Psalm Project Genevan Psalter. The Genevan Psalter was the product of a collaborative effort among several people, most notably Louis Bourgeois, Claude Goudimel, Théodore de Bèze and .

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There are also isolated examples of Genevan Psalms in other places. The melodies for the new psalms were composed by Guillaume Franc. Tenevan meant that some psalms were versified before others.

Let the tambourine and the trumpet bring praises to our King for his great salvation. Clicking on the psalms, genevah and hymns listed below will lead to the versified text. The edition brought back a number of Genevan tunes that had been omitted in the and editions. Psalm singing had all but disappeared.

There was little identity of text with tune. The Modern Library, no datep.

Finally in a complete psalter was issued with rhymed versions of all psalms. Everyone goes through tough times, and I am no different in this respect. Other MIDI files, using different harmonies, were collected from various websites over the years.

At least since the Enlightenment many Christians have claimed to find the psalms something of an embarrassment. Other recordings include other voices or pealter as noted. There aren’t many, because the English and Scottish traditions prevailed in North America, not the continental Genevan tradition. But therein lay the great limitation of the English and Scottish tradition: As each book of the Bible is like a garden bearing its own unique fruit, the Psalms bear all the fruit found in the other books.


A Reformed Approach to Psalmody: The Legacy of the Genevan Psalter

Unfortunately the Genevan melodies, except for a very few tunes, did not catch on in the English-speaking world as they did elsewhere. Finally, there is a page containing a sample liturgybased on a number of sources, showing the possible uses of the Psalms in the course of the ordinary worship service.

Overlook the grammar and spelling; explore every cranny. Hence the number of musical arrangements based on the Genevan Psalm melodies is far smaller than those based on the church music of other traditions. Included are Psalms 23, 25, 29, 51, 95, 98, and I went there to speak at a church music workshop which began and ended with worship services in genevsn we sang all Genevan Psalms, with gusto and genevam, accompanied on a new tracker organ installed by a Strasbourg organ builder, Marc Garnier, in a not equal temperament well suited for congregational singing.

The great tradition of English Protestant hymn writing developed later, in…. This is a work in process. I have many copyrighted recordings of these tunes, which are much more creative and of higher quality.

The audio from these recordings is on this site. But since then, the practice has been left behind for a number of reasons. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Introduction to the Genevan Psalter

Some Genevan tunes do share the same metres, e. At least most hymnals nowadays are attributing the text to the opening verses of Psalm 90, not just to Isaac Watts. Even today, a few small denominations still sing only metrical psalms in worship.

Regarding the texts, new versifications are available. The tunes are not as anonymous as chant, but they are genevzn, disciplined, and distinct. Two versions of the Decalogue, one from Strassbourg and one from Geneva. They are even to be found in egnevan Roman Catholic hymnbooks in use in Germany. At the beginning of the 20th century the Rev. Thus in my genrvan renditions certain kinds of words, e.


Yet the expressions found therein are part of the fabric of life — a life lived in a less-than-perfect, and sometimes horrific, world. Selah Publishing Co, Dutch settlers in South Africa also founded Reformed churches where many of the Genevan melodies are still used today, especially with the Afrikaans versifications of the 20th-century poet Totius. Thus in some Christian communities the singing of a psalm is ended with a trinitarian doxology.

It was not a form chosen for psalmody by the reforms of Vatican II that have had such an influence on Protestant worship, including churches in the Reformed tradition.

This too prescribed a psalm to be said or sung between the Old Testament and epistle readings. For example, the early installments of Calvin’s psalter included many wisdom psalms and psalms of confession, sung in worship following the prayer of confession.

Nevertheless, despite the relative lack of familiarity with the Genevan Psalms among most English-speaking Christians, they are holding their own elsewhere in the world, as reflected in a number of recent recordings, some of which come out of surprising places, such as Japan, not usually associated with the Genevan tradition.

Included is a history of the use of this Psalter by the Canadian Reformed Church. An example from the French will suffice to illustrate.