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CHESS. FUNDAMENTALS ву. JOSÉ R. CAPABLANCA. CHESS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Chess Fundamentals was first published thirteen years ago. ‘Chess Fundamentals’ by Jose Raul Capablanca. Algebraic edition. Game 1. Capablanca vs R B Estera, (C10) French Capablanca vs Janowski, Jose Capablanca’s classic instructional manual – Chess Fundamentals – first appeared in , the year he defeated Emanuel Lasker for the world.

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A classical ending After going through such junk commentary, mostly obtained by running the last chess engine and falsely claimed to reflect the evaluation during the game, the amateur is confused.

Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca – Chess Forums –

De Firmian includes many instructive modern games to show progression of chess beyond the life of Capablanca.

Gender of pieces ThrillerFan 10 min ago. The old one, which this appears to be, in descriptive notation. From Wikibooks, fundamentalx books for an open world.

Written by Jose Raul Capablanca, one of the greatest fundamrntals players in the history, almost years ago, it remains a classic that every chess player should read. Return to Book Page.

It’s the best book on how to study chess I’ve yet read. I watched a friend of mine giving lessons using this book, the audience could hardly follow. Control of the centre 8. A quote from the second World Champion, Emmanuel Laskergoes, “A bad plan is better than no plan at all. This method of evaluating a position, and then making a plan based on this evaluation, was developed in the 19th century. It doesn’t matter which opening you play, or what style you play in; the rules of chess strategy will always be helpful.


I own all and us all three. These are the three elementary endings and in all of these the principle is the same. While it may be monotonous, it is worth while for the beginner to practice such things, as it will teach him the proper handling of his pieces. Forums General Chess Discussion onlyaman.

It is left up to the reader to use his chess board to go over the variations, and Capabla This is an ideal example of how a concise introductory book should be written. In all such endings, however, it is immaterial whether the King is forced on to the last rank, or to an outside file, e. Nathaniel Simpson rated it liked it Jun 14, I’m going to have to look somewhere else as a starting point. Policies and guidelines Contact us.

Chess Strategy

Feb 20, Greg Fanoe rated it liked it Shelves: The principle is to drive the opposing King to the last line on any side of the board.

Sep 16, Serge Pierro rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 8, 7. How to find out which pawn will be first to queen Instead, he gave just a few words and moves with the implied idea being “the rest that can be said about this position is as I have already described.

Open Chess Books is a project by Degenerate Metrics. These elements were further developed by later thinkers like Nimzowitsch, Capablanca and Alekhine, who all made their own contribution to the strategy of the game. This is not a book you read casually. Feb 02, Ernest Cadorin rated it liked it. One of the best players of all time.


Unfortunately, the amateurs are not following his advice, and instead memorize tones of opening lines that will not help them become better players. Of course, we can not judge a chess book written a century ago by the contemporary standards because chess progressed a lot meanwhile. Capablanca said himself, in his instructive, timeless, and quintessential primer, Chess Fundamentalsthat “in chess the tactics may change but the strategic fundamental principles are always the same, so that Chess Fundamentals is as good now as it was thirteen years ago A classic, but what I remember is a long combination nobody would be able to repeat.

At the time of writing the book was revolutionary. In this particular ending one should remember that the King must not only be driven to the edge of the board, but also into a corner.

A well-written, very useful guide acces Capablanca was a chess grandmaster, one of the great chess players and this is his book of basic strategy. Mark all topics as READ.

Can you solve these tactics from my games? This is a classic, and justly so. He replaced many of Capa’s games with his own! At that point in time he had been pf for almost 6 years, and it would be another 3 years before he lost a single game.