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Dominick works as an associate consultant for the Germany-based company thinktecture (). His main area of focus is security in. Dominick Baier is an independent consultant specializing in identity & access control. He helps companies around the world designing & implementing. Dominick Baier. leastprivilege. 0 starred decks Tweet Share. fbbb90cea5ed0fee?s=48 Sep 27, 5.

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Posted on December 11, by Dominick Baier. You can mix that with the ASP.

It is a bit surprising that most supportes are individual developers that use IdentityServer at work. IdentityModel has recently joined the. This strips the protocol claims that you are not interested in, and all other claims get mapped forward sample here. On top of that we have the usual binding issues with the.


This did not work prior to ASP. Thus, we cannot easily fix the issue now. As part of that work, we also now Authenticode-sign our binaries as well as signed the Nuget packages. More on that in a separate post. This was also a big year for IdentityServer. The IdentityModel organization on Github is the home for our client libraries. It might get pulled from 1.

Simply because we want to make existing code work that took a dependency on it. We also started a Patreon page to allow companies to support IdentityServer, which in turn allows us to set more time aside from paid work. HttpClientFactory also supports named clients, which allows configuring certain things upfront, e. Long story short — every time I had to change the csproj file, it broke someone. NET team decided to ship IdentityServer in their new templates that will be released shortly after v2.


NET team in !

Despite him being on holidays during that time, he gave a really elaborate answer that contains both excellent background information and guidance. For a full sample — see here. The additional confusion was added by the fact that the. NET Core configuration model as well:. So, as a library author my recommendation is to avoid taking a dependency on this package and prefer the in-box versions in.

IdentityModel is a library that uses HttpClient internally — it should also run on all recent versions of the. But anyways — the feedback we got after the announcement was fantastic, and in the following weeks we got way more enquiries than we could handle.

NET Framework in 4. Last but not least, the big news is, that the ASP. IdentityModel has a number of protocol client libraries, e. I once and for all wanted an official statement, how to deal with HttpClient — so I reached out to Immo terrajobst over various channels.

I generally prefer to keep them separate, but I acknowledge that certain architecture styles make this conscious decision.

In essence the filters are now combined, whereas previously they were not. NET Framework which happen to work for some customers and fails for others.

While they work fine, the style around libraries that use HTTP has changed a bit recently, e. IdentityServer This was also a big dominikc for IdentityServer. As of today, IdentityServer has contributors thank you! As of today, we have 49 patrons — thank you all!! They have taken on stewardship of this project so it can continue to live on. This allows you to new up your own client or get one from a factory.


Dominick Baier – NDC London | Software Developers Conference

It is do,inick when you want to be part of an ASP. Based on our feedback, the ASP. The latest issue was related to Powershell and. And one of my favourite features is the nice integration of the Polly library baieer handlers in general to give you extra features like retry logic:. We had lots of issues with this because it seemed regardless in which combination you are using the flavours of HttpClient, this will lead to a problem one way or another github issues.

Brock is right now working on his JavaScript library called oidc-client.

Dominick Baier

We have many plans for upcoming versions, and I must say it was a refreshing change to do some real product work as opposed to short to mid-term consulting and contracts. You do that by adding domniick forward selector to the authentication handler like this:. The intent was to provide a simple, self-contained administrative tool for managing users in your ASP. NET tooling had certain bugs in the past that needed workarounds that lead to other problems when those bugs were fixes in later tooling.

Core are abstracted by so called authentication handlers, and you can register as many of them as you want — you can support both authentication scenarios.

We also have proper docs now.