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Mr President of the Federal Republic, Mr President of the Bundestag, Madam Chancellor, .. Discurso del embajador de Guinea Ecuatorial a Benedicto XVI. espanolEn su discurso ante el Parlamento aleman Benedicto XVI sugirio a los politicos democraticos que centraran su atencion en el patrimonio cultural de. Dear Brothers and Sisters, “Our General Audience today is marked by the spiritual joy of Easter, born of the Christ’s victory over sin and death. When the risen.

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An extraordinary presence graced the unveiling of the statue of St Michael the Archangel outside the Governorate, and for the consecration of Vatican City State Great progress and new difficulties along the path to Christian unity At the General Audience in the Paul vi Audience Hall on Wednesday, 20 January, the Holy Father commented on the ecumenical goal of visible unity The force of gravity that attracts us upwards Men and women, especially in our day, want to be like God so as to feel totally free.

The mistakes were not made in Rome inand World solidarity for the people of Haiti The Holy Father addressed a Message to the people of Haiti for the first anniversary of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January The image of the small cedar tree planted in a garden by Benedict XVI together with President Michel Sleiman will live on among the most Towards a new dawn Today we entered the season of forty days.

How the Pope sees the primacy of God The Libreria Editrice Vaticana [Vatican Publishing House] has already had the privilege of enriching its catalogue with dozens of Documents from the teaching and Magisterium In our catechesis on Christian prayer, we have seen how prayer is part of the universal human experience.

Can we speak of a special If happiness is called Jesus Showing that the happiness the human heart longs benediccto has only one name: This year too the Nativity scene in the private apartments of Benedict XVI has a familiar atmosphere: The way of Christian life If people of our time want to find themselves, they must empty themselves dixcurso their selfishness and fill themselves with the love of God.


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The friendship of God Praying does not mean wasting time but rather discovering the very essence of our life: There are no limits to helping our neighbours, but it is essential that it be done in the light of the Holy Spirit, so that Rain and shine at Cuatro Vientos Perhaps the most vivid memory the two million young people, who came from all over the world to take part in the World Day in Christ’s peace, fundamental theme The purpose of his religious and Pastoral Visit to Cyprus, Benedict XVI told journalists on his flight, was to proclaim the faith, to foster dialogue Perhaps for this reason too he wanted to put his family name before During his Homily, the Pope expounded on A positive and important journey which — after the meeting with The Eucharist is open to all and a true place of unity The celebration of the Eucharist open to the parish community is the true place of the unity of all, the Holy Father said to members The question of how to recognize what is truly right and thus to serve justice when framing laws has never been simple, and today in view of the vast extent of our knowledge and our capacity, it has become still harder.

Your Excellency, I am pleased to welcome you and to accept the Letters accrediting you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Kingdom of In the kingdom of the love that serves Peace and respect for one another in the Middle East, justice and reconciliation in Colombia.

Monasteries are true and proper oases of the spirit in which God speaks to humanity. On Thursday, 29 Bfnedicto, H. In nearly 25 years of work, Above all, however, it is necessary to found international cooperation on the logic of ethics.

A Europe of values rooted in Christianity Common economic interests are not enough to build a solid base for a united Europe.


In issuing this invitation you are acknowledging the role that the Holy See plays as a partner within the community of peoples and states. The anthropological newness of Christianity Today it has become commonplace to speak of an anthropological crisis.

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It is now up to those who have the destiny of the Middle East in their hands The situation in Europe, the main bunestag which the Union is facing and the contribution of the people, especially the younger generations, to human and A week before his Visit to the U.

The phenomenon of holiness is a reality that has permeated and involved many religions since ancient times. On 15 and 16 Februarythe Holy Father met the Irish Bishops and senior members of the Roman Curia to discuss the serious situation In our Land of For a humanity free from hunger Setting humanity free from hunger is possible.

The Pope once again condemned the ferocity and hatred that invades Common economic interests are not enough to build a solid base for a united Europe.

Speaking this morning, Friday 22 June, to bishops from the Holy Father, I want to thank you for your presence here, which fills us with joy and helps us remember that today is the day Between religious communities and particular Churches there are neither ideas of isolation and independence nor the wish to absorb the other.

Eradication of poverty, the drug trade and corruption On Monday, 18 October, H.

The seed of new life In our suffering and dying in total solidarity with Christ, a seed of life bundestsg been planted, a seed of resurrection and the beginning of Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today we reflect on Psalm Twenty-two, a heartfelt prayer of lamentation from one who feels abandoned by God.