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Diavolul Memnoch (5) – Ebook written by Anne Rice. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline. Bibliographic information. QR code for Diavolul Memnoch (5). Title, Diavolul Memnoch (5). Author, Anne Rice. Publisher, Gaby. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. Diavolul Memnoch îl are ca personaj principal tot pe vampirul Lestat, care de data asta este ‘curtat’ de Diavol însuși, care l-ar dori ca aghiotant. In mare, este o .

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But part of it was that I remembered not liking this book when I read it for the first time long ago.

Books by Horia Nicola Ursu (Author of O piatră pe cer)

I also kind of enjoyed the revelations part where Memnoch goes through the big steps of evolution, abet in a intelligent design fashion. Among other things, he believes that he has seen Christ ‘s crucifixion and that he has received Saint Veronica’s Veil. Lists with This Book. It takes great talent to really tell a story the way the author needs to tell it eiavolul still keep the reader hooked. Memnoch’s domain thus serves as a place of punishment that will eventually earn access to Heaven.

Tout J’ai lu ce livre deux fois, dans ma vie. The great thing about this book, however, is Anne’s attention to details. Despite assurances, Memnoch, an archangel, claims to have changed God’s opinion on the importance and supernatural quality of humanity.


I found the ending quite strange however; it was….

Lestat faces a choice between the Devil or God. Memnoch continuously argues that suffering and death has no value, and Man needlessly suffers in Life and in Sheol while already worthy of God’s light yet deprived of knowing Him.

Memnoch the Devil

The theology gets a bit boggy, sure, but it’s memboch interesting reworking of Christianity. And actually, I did find it a fascinating, this version of the classic tale: Not as emotionally gripping as I expected, but better than I thought after the first pages.

In the novel Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, it is alluded to that Memnoch may have been an inhuman spirit that dwelled in the place between the physical realm and Heaven. Views Read Edit View history. The great thin I have to say, out of all the Rice books that I’ve read, this one disappointed me the most.

Memnoch the Devil [Jun 15, ] 1 4 Oct 17, My victim had picked it. Everything considered, this is an interesting entry, but with a few significant flaws. If you really love the memnpch behind Catholicism then you might love this. Armand is my second favorite vampire of all time, Claudia being the first!

With a summary of the Heaven part would’ve been enough, and if it were told by Lestat instead of Memnoch it would’ve been much better. Questa volta, dopo essersi impegnato a dare la caccia a un affascinante uomo della mala, Lestat finisce con l’incontrare il Diavolo in persona, Memnoch.


Eventually, Lestat meets the Devil, who calls himself Memnoch. A mobster who runs a successful drug ring selling cocaine.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He takes Lestat on a whirlwind tour of HeavenHell and retells of the entirety of history from his own point of view in an effort to convince Lestat to join him as God’s adversary. In his journey, Memnoch claims he is not evil, dkavolul merely working for God by ushering lost souls into Heaven. Although, certain aspects of how the story ends makes you question everything that happens, so I don’t know how much we did or didn’t learn about the religious backdrop for Lestat’s world.

He intends to make a present of Heaven and Hell, allowing Lestat to visit each and ultimately see the face of God for himself; perhaps even interact with him. The subject is also one close and dear to my heart – romantic reinterpretation of the devil. Trivia About Memnoch the Devil David’s role in this story is also a welcome one.