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Photos published by Birzieciu Zodis. In the last few years I’ve been photographing the Strongest Man Competition for couple of newspapers in. BIRŽIEČIŲ ŽODIS, UAB laikraštis (Vytauto g. 18, BIRŽAI) – update information. Phone, + Fax, + E-mail, [email protected] Internet address, Company management. Turnover, LTL /.

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Later everyone realized that one mug of beer is too few, but two is too many! We even greet the participants from Latvia, who have prepared since night, and bizieciu taking down their tents. We also thank from the bottom of our hearts those who decided to sponsor but preferred to stay anonymous.

Also the training was provided for youth and children. Alma, Austejus, and Sigitas dressed up like real retro lovers, even the dog Kite has a proper zodsi due. Fondas dalyvavo — m. Everybody was dancing — the old, the young, and the restless.

And There Went by our Unforgettable Event…

The furniture, consumer electronics and computer hardware, sports and game equipment and music and art education instruments will be bought. Therefore the building will be restored for the Project funds. Finally birziefiu reached Kernave. While people were enjoying the beautiful classic automobiles, the participants of the show were not being bored because they were on a tour of Birzai Castle which was built in following the Italian basilica style.


Repair and waterproofing for the building foundation, rainwater birziediu and drainage work arround zodiz building is almost done. Next to Pabirze, all of the participants unite. Firstly, when the representatives of fund initiated the Project, they bougt premises — a house in old town in J. The furniture, consumer electronics and computer hardware, sports and game equipment and music and art education instruments will be bought.

Maybe someone creates a new business here? Courtyard of the day center was equipped with a playground for children.

Children are fed daily in day center, old furniture was already worn out, so the project funds were used to replace kitchen furniture, buy a new dining table and chairs.

Vidugiris tries to control the parade, when stopped at an intersection. For the oldest car, the award went to Birzueciu Linkevicius who brought a Mercedes Benz fire truck.

The second floor will be equipped with music, dance and art classes, the third — with bedrooms for temporary accommodation, showers and toilets. The gym with training equipment will be established in the basement of the building, which remiscents XVII ct.

It is very pleasant to see that the owners of classic vehicles not only prepare their equipment for the show and the parade, birzieciu zodis also to get in the role by dressing up to their particular year that their automobile or motorcycle is from. It was set out in the following topics: So many questions about the automobiles. And that was not even the end. Participants also checked their knowledge with a thorough classic transportation equipment quiz. Four staff members and volunteers participated in training to work in children day care centers with open youth space.


The support for the Project from European Economic Area financial mechanism wasAntanas states that he found his vehicle, or something like it in the U.

Young people performed a dance and musical composition. Twenty young people, birzieciu zodis the help of the social teacher, learned to know themselves, to interact with the environment. The older foster children of the fund want to have a separate space. The first longer stop was at Sirvintai Road repair workers place. And we are left with about 5 hours for the parade in Kernave.

at WI. » Biržų krašto naujienos

The new centre together with the open youth space will be the safe place where young people can spend their time. Two of them have alrady received their certificates, the others will get them by the end of January. Not a surprise why the viewers are appreciating not only the automobiles, but also the owners who have put birzieviu their own sweat to make this beautiful zodus happen.

A very grateful thank you we say to the president of the club Egidijus for the constant caring of us.