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Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas; 9″ x. Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas; 7″ x. 7 Results Published By: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications. Release Date: 12/20/ Format : Hardcover. List Price: $2, Your Price: $2, Discount.

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French is a Romance language from which the French dhas attempted to bar outside influences. Sg Precisely the working person should not be using AS.


December 29, 9: Home Sets Schottenstein Ed. A S is an invaluable tool, even if not used for translation of pshat in the gemara. Log into your account. Dont those returning benefit from those who learn in yeshiva? November 11, Every now and then there is a shver Rashi.

That one is acceptable. Every word of the text appears, vowelized and translated Each phrase is explained so that the reader understands the reasoning and flow Each question, answer, proof and rebuttal is introduced so that the reader will know where the Gemara is taking him Notes expand on the explanation of the Gemara’s points, and explain unfamiliar ideas without interrupting the flow of the text Detailed diagrams Introductions to the entire tractate and to each topic, wherever necessary Glossary explains key expressions in each tractate Rashi headings in bold type Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas 7″ x 10″ page size Acid-free paper Magnificent specially sculpted cover Reinforced deluxe library binding for long use Ribbon-marker The total linear measurement for this set is For everyone else it will be greatly appreciated.


November 13, November 11, 7: Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or ArtScroll.

Not sure how long or recent that was, but Mazel Tov! This bothers me because I want to remember the lashon of the Gemara and the tzuras hadaf. November 13, 5: A big gadol that I know uses Artscroll to prepare his gemara shiur.

Why do you define ameilus as going deep in a gemara and breaking your head? November 11, 6: I find that when I use Artscroll I have the whole set I am just reading the words and dont stop to think if I understand it.

Schottenstein Talmud Sets

I mean its gotta make sense because after all, its a mefurishe Artscroll! Give the Hebrew Artscroll. November 10, 6: This is just my personal issue with it. If you only read the English words, maybe.

Schottenstein Edition Sets of Talmud

People who have the time to learn up a gemara by themselves and instead use an Artscroll are ripping themselves off. But it also is tremendous because it breaks up the words phrase by phrase, so anyone who properly uses the Artscroll can get used to how the Shakla Vetarya goes.

Acclaimed by a broad spectrum of roshei yeshivah, scholars, and laymen around the world, this series letsyou join the world of Abaye and Rava without oversimplification, without extraneous material, without turgidity.


Hey I just realized, we might be the same person. Pehaps ameilus means a guy who worked all day in Manhattan, spent 2 hours commuting, comes home and helps his kids with their homework and still makes a shaas at night to learn.

No point sitting around for half an hour wasting time Bitul Torah even breaking your head over a difficult word that you have never heard of just for the principle of not touching Artscroll.

Im not saying that someone who does what you described will have less schar than others, but when learning there should be ameilus, not just having it taught to you. There must be some tools you use that people holding a higher madrayga would not use.

For someone who is learning all day then his effort would have to be go deeper or accomplish more etc… For someone who has no time and comes home beat from work amongst all the daily stresses — his defiition of toil is different. Then you see Bochurim learning with artcroll they will never know how to learn if its spoon fed ameilus is the only way.

November 13, 1: Jumping straight to the Artscroll footnotes every time probably arhscroll as cheating though.