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See the Best Books of Looking for something great to read? Browse our editors’ picks for the best books of the year in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Despite Lexis’ resistance, Bryce shows the vampire that weakness only enhances strength and that to him, he has an unnatural worth. When a. Genre: LGBT Vampire/Shifter ParanormalLexis had everything, beauty, grace and a powerful coven, but through a feat of arrogance, he loses it all. Even his.

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Years didn’t make sense, actually. Overall, this is a very well done paranormal romance. Or unnaturl this story’s case a bad basket of I really liked the book i think the concept for the blind vampire and protective werewolf is new and refreshing.

An Unnatural Worth by Mya – Elisa – My reviews and Ramblings

He has fallen into despondency after being blinded and then subjected to humiliation in captivity. I love their chemistry together, they’re just a really great couple! An Unnatural Worth Lexis was once a powerful and respected owrth, who had the best things money could buy. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Support when he needed it, stood back when Lexis needed to do it himself.

Imprisoned and humiliated by humans, Lexis sinks into a depression so thick that not even a chance at freedom is welcomed.


He hates to be depending on the others, and even the smallest prove of independence makes him happy. Even with that all said, I really liked the story. Bryce is a sweetheart, a huge, sometimes aggressive sweetheart but one nonetheless. This starts off well enough I’d also have liked a more thorough view of their world and background. At unnaturla I was wirth too fond of Lex – unsure whether I was supposed to like him or pity him. SheReadsALot Jun 20, If Lexis doesn’t want to fight, Bryce will fight for both of them.

Watching Bryce and Lex maneuver around each other, while wodth to build trust at the same time makes for an enjoyable read. I really liked the ending, in the big battle and could have wished the storyline to have been fleshed out now.

Like I said in my update, this was more erotica than erotic romance. Thief of His Heart. Through arrogance, he lost even more: If he had been b Eh. She let the werewolf be big and furry.

Books by Mya Lairis

A blind vampire, who’d have tho I really like this story. An Unnatural Worth is a well written and fast paced story of love between two men separated by experience, culture and may. I think this was my first story with sex in wolf form, or at least where its just one of the people thats a wolf.


I would have loved if the book could have beena bit longer, but whatever.

It left for a yen for more, so for me, things got a bit tedious stuck in a blind man’s head while unnatyral out in a hotel room. If Lexis doesn’t want to figh Lexis is a vampire kept captive in a lab. When his ambitions get the better of him, he becomes blinded and left for dead by his leader.

Mya does an excellent job describing the growing relationship between these two dissimilar men, as fate and circumstances test their dedication and spirit, as well as their passion and commitment to each other. I also don’t understand why he always seemed to be okay with his limitations.

An Unnatural Worth – Mya – Google Books

He even gets Lexis a cane for blind people and teaches him how to get his bearing of his surroundings using that.

Leave a comment Share Link. I really enjoyed this story. Lexis is a very proud man.