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Lastmanuals provides you a fast and easy access to the user manual ALCATEL We hope that this ALCATEL user guide will be useful to you. Alcatel-Lucent Telephone digital phone Alcatel-Lucent Cordless Telephone XL voice I have a corded fone Alcatel Atlinks MASP F. Oct 4, Steps to adjust the ringtone and notification volumes on your ALCATEL ONETOUCH Retro. From the home screen, press the Volume Control.

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This complication should be taken into account when playing video games. Moreover, you can assign different apps to different fingers so that when you akcatel a certain finger with the fingerprint sensor the app associated with that finger will open. Search for a user manual.

You can set up multiple accounts for different users in the settings menu if more than one person is going to use the device. Something is wrong in your programming; Restart from the beginning.

The screen content can be read from any angle and the alcael never become distorted. Detailed instructions for use are in the User’s Guide. Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. It also provides a decent user experience. Umidigi A1 Pro Chrome However, the motion sensor is not alcayel responsive.


The included 5-watt USB charger is not going to be able to charge the smartphone under full load, because the Alcatel smartphone draws 6. With the Alcatel 3X, buyers get an Android smartphone that can perform mapw daily tasks. This kind of display is appropriate for a smartphone with qlcatel a price tag and is found in other similarly-priced devices.

This is why selfies look rather mediocre and suffer from noise even during daylight.

ALCATEL User Guides

Mapz textures span the entire back. The Alcatel 3X also features a headphone jack. Bright and dim areas are hard to distinguish from each other, and the images lack detail. Alcatel 3X IPS, x, 5. For short-distance communication, the Android smartphone relies on Bluetooth 4.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: Compute RenderScript Score sort by value.

In addition, there are a few games and the Alcatel app “enjoy. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. The video quality is also good and the video recordings do not appear alctel shaky.

ALCATEL | Flickr

Lastmanuals, for instance, does not offer a translation service. The Alcatel 3X does not bring anything special to the table when compared to the competing devices.


It has a native resolution of x It competes directly against other low-priced, powerful smartphones. If you are connected to a private ALCATEL telephone system equipped with mail, the message waiting lamp informs you of a message alcztel your “mail box”. The smartphone comes with a month warranty.

Read our review to learn what you can expect from the Chinese device. Alcatel does not offer any other first-party accessories.

The smartphone has a Micro-USB port on the bottom. Emissions — Alcatel 3X with quiet speakers.

Alcatel 3X Smartphone Review

Another complication is that the motion sensor reacts quite sluggishly in the games that use it. Our test chart, which we photograph under controlled lighting conditions, is also too dim.

The Alcatel 3X comes with a well-built plastic case and is available in the following color schemes: The Android smartphone can be easily unlocked with the fingerprint sensor on the back.