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NEERUKONDA RAVI. RAMA RAO. T. SECOND .. MED. NAME: SECOND YEAR. THIRD YEAR. 01 — NAGANABOYINA PANDU RANGA. S. Pandurangam, D. Pandya, P. Pankratov, A. K. ,01 1 Pankratov, A. V. Pankratov, B Panov, K. 15 17 Papapetrou, . 28, MH/SAY01, KALU MAHADU MENGAL, CENTRAL . 63, MH/SAY01, TANHAJI PANDU PATHAVE, STATE BANK OF.

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Outline Index Bibliography Timeline Years After ruling the country for 22 years, they were defeated by Asela — BCwho was in turn overthrown by another invasion led by a Chola prince named Ellalan — BC. Large ponds were attached to some monasteries, such as the Kuttam Pokuna twin pond. Rice cultivation began around the Malvatu oyaDeduru oya and Mahaweli river and spread throughout the country. RajarataMalaya Rata and Ruhunathe three sections the country was divided into, are also shown.

The Commander-in-Chief of the army was usually a member of nobility. Mahavihara was established immediately after the introduction of Buddhism to the country. Representing the Theravada teachings, it remained strictly conventional throughout the Anuradhapura Kingdom. After this, his retinue established villages and colonies throughout the country. Reservoirs were also constructed using tributaries of the Daduru Oya during this period, thereby supplying water to the south western part of the dry zone.

The paintings of Sigiriya and Hindagala are the only surviving specimens of art of the Anuradhapura Kingdom. Women appear to have been allowed considerable freedom and independence during this period.


Anuradhapura Kingdom

However, there are no records of women holding any administrative posts. Nonetheless, the king of Anuradhapura was seen as the supreme ruler of the country throughout the Anuradhapura period. Customs, traditions and moral principles based on Buddhism were used as the bases of law.

He regained his throne after defeating these invaders one by one and unified the country again under his rule.

Anuradhapura Kingdom – Wikipedia

In times of war, a larger army was formed using this method. The king was the final judge in legal disputes, and all cases against members of the royal family and high dignitaries of the state were judged by him. One of the most notable events during the Anuradhapura Ppandu was the introduction of Buddhism to the country. It did not restrict itself pandi Theravada and accepted Mahayana and Tantric ideas as well.

This relationship was further strengthened during Dutthagamani’s reign. Several rock inscriptions that record these proclamations have been found in archaeological excavations.

Paintings from a cave at Hindagala date back to the late Anuradhapura period, and may even belong to the same period as the Sigiriya paintings. Book Category Portal WikiProject. Dampiya Atuva Gatapadaya is another, and is a glossary for the Pali Dhammapadatthakathaproviding Sinhala words and synonyms for Pali words.

King 0, the founder and first ruler of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, fixed village boundaries in the country and established an administration system by appointing village headmen.


A Concise History of Ceylon.

The construction of stupas was noticeable not only during the Anuradhapura Kingdom but throughout the history of Sri Lanka.

The laws pandk legal measures to be followed by them were proclaimed by the king. There were a number of them in Rajarata during Elara’s reign. Other rulers pand are notable for military achievements include Gajabahu Iwho launched an invasion against the invaders, and Sena IIwho sent his armies to assist a Pandyan prince.

Ceylon Coins and Currency. Invasions from South India were a constant threat throughout the Anuradhapura period. Stupas were built enshrining an object of worship. By the end of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, a large and intricate irrigation network was available throughout Rajarata to support the agriculture of the country.

Specific laws were eventually developed and adopted. The first reference in historical sources to any written work is about 80 BC, but both Sinhala and Pali literature existed even two centuries before this, if not earlier. All these statues are carved out of rock. However, it was not until the reign of Dutthagamani — BC that the whole country was unified under the Anuradhapura Kingdom.

This page was last edited on 14 Septemberat These eventually became circular in shape, which were in turn followed by die struck 001.